Resources for Small Businesses


Resources for Small Businesses
Added on January 24, 2023 to Chamber Voices

Resources for Small Businesses

Educational Opportunities, Business Recognition, and Much More

Small businesses fuel the Hampton Roads economy. We know that when small businesses succeed, the community benefits. Our mission is to ensure that our small businesses are equipped with the tools for continuous learning, a connection to resources, and the environment to enable job growth and creation.

With over 90 percent of Chamber members made up of small companies, we connect the region’s business community and help our members grow their businesses. We do this through a broad range of best-practice sharing, networking and advocacy programs & events. The Chamber collaborates with companies and organizations to build a strong community for small businesses, their employees, and customers.

Business Education Opportunities
We are committed to supporting member business development by offering low or no cost educational opportunities on topics of interest to the business community. The Chamber Education Series sessions are intended to provide Chamber members with opportunities for practical up-to-date information and training on topics of interest to businesses. The series provides members the opportunity to make connections with other members and increase their visibility.

Utilize the Hampton Roads Small Business Development Center
We are very proud to have The Hampton Roads Small Business Development Center (SBDC) as one of our affiliates. The SBDC is a team of business and technical experts available to listen, advise and assist entrepreneurs. Completely confidential and free of charge, the SBDC leverages a wealth of assets and a commitment to entrepreneurship to help set conditions for small business success. Hosted by the Hampton Roads Chamber in partnership with the localities served, George Mason University and the SBA, the Hampton Roads SBDC helps small businesses by offering programs, training, and access to research and individual sessions to entrepreneurs at every stage of their business.

Small Business Recognition
We annually recognize small businesses that have demonstrated leadership and integrity in operating a successful small business in Hampton Roads. Our region is home to many top notch small businesses, young entrepreneurs, thriving startups, and small business leaders. Our annual Small Business of the Year Awards is a great way to recognize your favorite small business, start up or small business leader.


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