Suffolk 2045


Suffolk 2045
Added on February 14, 2023 by Amanda Duncan to Chamber Voices

Suffolk 2045

Plan Updates and Public Engagement

We had the opportunity to hear about Suffolk 2045 and the plans that the City of Suffolk has in place to make Hampton Roads a great place to live, work, and play. Kevin Hughes from the City of Suffolk Department of Economic Development, delivered an impactful presentation to our members and residents of Suffolk. Attendees not only learned about the Suffolk 2045 plan but they also provided input on key questions listed below.

Should revitalization efforts continue in Downtown Suffolk? 

Attendees expressed their wish to see incentives given to businesses that utilize pre-existing downtown buildings. Residents of Downtown Suffolk would like to see all communities be a part of the revitalization efforts and for a mix of businesses to come to the downtown area. One current downtown business owner showed concern for safety in the downtown area and believes that more police presence would encourage more foot traffic. It was mentioned that this added police traffic would also help keep the park safe; an area that city-goers sometimes avoid due to previous issues with crime.

 What types of uses or activities would you like to see in Downtown or North Suffolk that are not there today? 

Our attendees shared their desire to see more diverse community events, museums, mixed-use shopping centers, and recreational businesses move into the downtown area. They shared that this would allow people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and encourage families to make Suffolk their forever home.

What do you want the look and feel of the city’s corridors to be? 

Keep the trees! Attendees shared concern that the 460 area would be taken over by factories. It was suggested that shopping centers be built instead to bring in new businesses and provide a more inviting aesthetic for those passing through.

What kind of housing (size, style, pricing, etc.) is most needed?

Local realtors shared their concern about the lack of diversity in Suffolk’s market. This concern stems from sizing to affordability. Regarding rent, it was expressed that young professional housing as well as accommodations for seniors is desperately needed.

 How can we create inviting places in Suffolk where people feel comfortable and want to spend time? 

Revive Downtown Suffolk!  It was suggested that adding more sidewalks and crosswalks would encourage wellness and utilization of city resources. Attendees also expressed concern for vacant downtown buildings and suggested creating a standard for vacant windows to prevent crime and enhance the visual experience of those walking by.

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