Tips to Recruit and Maintain your Workforce


Tips to Recruit and Maintain your Workforce
Added on March 7, 2023 by Amanda Duncan to Chamber Voices

Tips to Recruit and Maintain your Workforce

We know how vital recruitment and maintaining a workforce is to running a business. Since COVID-19, many employers still struggle with staffing issues and would consider this to be one of their top business concerns. Here are a few tips that can help you recruit new members and maintain your current workforce.

Keep communication lines open and conduct exit interviews: Make sure your employees know that they can always come to you with any questions or concerns. By having an open-door policy, employees will feel at ease and problems can be addressed before an employee feels the issue has gotten out of hand. Use this information to evaluate workplace culture and take note of any needed changes. Businesses may not be aware of what is occurring in individual departments. Through exit interviews, you may learn about a practice that would possibly help another department or pick up on issues that once resolved can improve the work environment.

Evaluate and compare your employee benefits package: Sometimes flex-time, remote work, or employee recognition can make the biggest changes in a work environment. You want to keep a competitive edge on other businesses in your field as well as attract new employees who may be considering switching to your field.

Use social media to share your story: Make sure your business social media accounts show why your company is the best place to work. You already know how great your company is, make sure your community knows as well. This could be done by showing a behind the scenes account of a work day, sharing a product or service demonstration or showcasing anything else that makes your company special.

Utilize professional development opportunities: Promote growth by encouraging your employees to take part in professional development courses or events. Professional development opportunities can often make the difference between an employee leaving or staying. Offering these opportunities shows your staff that you are committed to their growth and development both personally and professionally.

At the Chamber, we have many professional development events that are at low or no cost to attend. Our Chamber Education Series brings together experts from many different fields to provide well-rounded educational and professional development sessions. The HRSHRM Human Resources for Business Leaders Series helps local human resource professionals learn about new strategies and practices in human resource management. Both of these professional development programs promote business growth and encourage continued learning, while being a benefit of Chamber membership. Please visit our Events Calendar for more information on these upcoming sessions.

For access to our latest Chamber Education Series blog posts and other professional development resources please visit Hampton Roads Chamber website.