Why 757 Young Professionals Should Join tHRive


Why 757 Young Professionals Should Join tHRive
Added on September 28, 2022 to Chamber Voices

Why 757 Young Professionals Should Join tHRive

Why 757 Young Professionals Should Join tHRive:

  • To Build a Network
    • Meet local young professionals in your area! tHRive members span from all over the Hampton Roads area and are from various career fields. At tHRive events, it is common to walk away with several new business connections and even a restaurant or cool event suggestion.
  • Access to Professional Development Events
    • Aside from Happy Hour and Member Meetup events, tHRive has many other events that help young professionals grow in their field and within Hampton Roads. With events such as Table for Ten, IMPACT Talks, the Young Professional Summit, and various workshops, tHRive has an event for everyone no matter the type of professional development you are looking for!
  • Local Volunteer Opportunities
    • Make a difference in Hampton Roads by volunteering your time. With many different events and volunteer options, tHRive can help you get involved in your community. Make a direct impact while making friends.
  • Get the Behind-the-Scenes Experience
    • Local Look events provide exclusive tours of businesses and other locations within Hampton Roads that are typically closed off from the public. As a member of tHRive, you have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at these local industries.
  • Enhance Your Resume
    • Aside from community volunteer opportunities, tHRive members have the opportunity to apply for leadership, committee and board positions. These opportunities not only enrich your Hampton Roads experience, but also your resume. Making of our committee and board members go on to serve and lead additional boards because of their tHRive leadership experiences.

Looking to get involved?

Register now for the Young Professional Summit on October 19 from 1:00 – 5:00 at The Neon House. The summit will include inspiring keynote speakers, thought-provoking sessions, and plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow young professionals. Click here to sign up for the event before registration ends on October 4th.

To learn more about tHRive, a program of the Hampton Roads Chamber, please visit ypthrive.org.