Alicia Driggers

Alicia Driggers

Executive Assistant to President & CEO

Alisha Diggers

Alicia Driggers serves as the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO. In this role, Alicia performs administrative support to the President and CEO. She coordinates and handles arrangements for all meetings involving the President and CEO to include Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings.

Alicia believes that everyone should have a commitment to excellence. She feels that one should strive for achieving the highest standards the first time around. Alicia is proficient in time management and organization which allows her to excel at coordinating several Chamber calendars with many busy schedules as well as act as a liaison.

On a personal note, Alicia moved to Hampton Roads from San Diego when she was four years old and considers Hampton Roads as her first home. She then moved to New York in 2015 with her husband on military orders and returned to Norfolk in 2021 to plant roots. She is excited to be back in Hampton Roads and to be able to (re)discover what the seven cities has to offer!