Learning & Leading in Tampa


Learning & Leading in Tampa
Added on May 22, 2024 to Chamber News

Learning & Leading in Tampa

The Hampton Roads Chamber recently returned back from their 2024 Leadership Exchange which took place in Tampa Bay, Florida at the end of April.

The 2024 Leadership Exchange brought together 70 regional leaders for a 3 day exploration of this expanding region. Tampa was chosen because of its many similarities to Hampton Roads. From a thriving tourism economy, to an international airport that has doubled in size and a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem, Tampa is solidifying itself as one of the best places to live and work in the United States.

During the 2024 Leadership Exchange or LEX as the Chamber refers to it, attendees had the opportunity to hear from the regional leaders and change makers who have been instrumental in the city’s growth. From the former mayors of Tampa and St. Petersburg and how they collaborate across city lines to the economic development leaders attracting new businesses and those who are driving tourism, attendees had the chance to learn directly from those making an impact. They discussed sports, art and culture and the impact on tourism, learned about the programs Tampa has in place in regards to affordable housing, and had an airport dialogue between Tampa’s CEO and our very own, Mark Perryman from the Norfolk International Airport.

The goal of the annual LEX is to learn from a region that is currently prospering so that attendees (including 9 elected officials) can bring back information to put into action for Hampton Roads. This goal was surely met on this trip as leaders convened to discuss all that was learned and experienced that can be brought back and applied to Hampton Roads.

The Hampton Roads Chamber wants to thank all of the supporters, attendees, sponsors and advocates of these yearly trips. The support from the business community for these impactful exchanges is tremendous!