Hampton Roads Chamber Legislative Review - January 18, 2019
This week marks the second week of the General Assembly, The Federal "shutdown" is costing Virginia $7 Million a week. State Secretary of Finance Aubrey Layne also told lawmakers that if the shutdown continues, Virginia could lose $100 Million Per month the Commonwealth has to finance food stamps. Check out this week's Legislative Review.
Business Groups Opposed to SB1200
SB1200 increases the minimum wage from its current federally mandated level of $7.25 per hour to $10/per hour (by July 1, 2019), to $13/per hour (by July 2020), and $15/per hour (by July 1, 2021).
Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE)
Property owners and developers can have a better financing mechanism to meet the new resiliency standards in Norfolk, if C-PACE is approved. Join Viridiant, Virginia Energy Efficiency Council, and the Hampton Roads Chamber on February 28th to hear the benefits of C-PACE for the Hampton Roads area.
Top Issues in the 2019 Virginia General Assembly Session
The 2019 Virginia General Assembly session convened on Wednesday, January 9. Check out this week's Legislative Review
Dominion Energy Requesting Input Regarding Renewable Energy
Dominion Energy is issuing a 'Request for Information' survey that seeks feedback from commercial, industrial and governmental customers in the state.
Portsmouth Division Leadership Endorsement Results
The Portsmouth Division leadership of the HR Chamber interviewed candidates for City Council in September in an unprecedented Facebook Live Forum. Following these interviews, the Executive Committee held a special meeting to review all available data and recommended a slate of candidates for endorsement.
Hampton Roads Chamber 2018 Virginia General Assembly Accomplishments
The 2018 Virginia General Assembly session convened on January 10, 2018. During the 60-day Legislative Session, the General Assembly considered more than 2,700 bills and resolutions related to a broad array of issues and policies.
Chesapeake & Norfolk Divisions Endorse Candidates for City Council
The Chesapeake and Norfolk Division Boards conducted an in - depth analysis of the candidates over the last several months including questionnaires, forums and interviews with over 30 candidates on the issues specifically impacting the region's economy, quality of life, education, and workforce development.
Hampton Roads Chamber Legislative Review
Less than two weeks remain in the 2018 Virginia General Assembly Session with scheduled adjournment on March 10th. The top legislative priority is the adoption of the Commonwealth's two year budget. The Hampton Roads Chamber is in Richmond throughout the 60 day session serving as the voice of business for the region. Check out this week's Legislative Review.
Hampton Roads Chamber Legislative Review
Senate Finance Committee approved Senate Bill 896. The change could mean that the Hampton Roads region will have approximately $15,000,000 more in transportation funding annually. Check out this week's Legislative Review.
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