2019 Legislative Priorities

The Hampton Roads Chamber is the premier pro-business organization serving as an Impactful Advocate for a variety of business-related matters.  We work closely with members of the Virginia General Assembly delegation, municipal leaders, and administrative staff to promote sound policies that allows businesses every opportunity to succeed.

Each year, in collaboration with the Chamber’s Public Policy Advisors, business stakeholders and regional organizations, the Chamber develops a list of critical priorities. Its Board of Directors and staff will use these priorities to guide their actions as they interact with policymakers on issues of importance to you and your business. 

The Chamber’s 2019 Legislative Priorities target nine high-priority issue areas:

  • Business Climate
  • Tourism and Film
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Energy & Natural Resources 
  • Healthcare 
  • Technology Innovation
  • Transportation Infrastructure 
  • Military and Veterans Affairs  

We drive action on these priorities all year long as we seek to set the conditions for business success, job creation, and economic growth. We encourage you state up-to date on the latest legislative developments through our “Legislative Reviews” and our “Virginia General Assembly Accomplishments”.

To get involved or join the Chamber’s Public Policy Advisors, email


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