Earn $50 With The Member Referral Program


Earn $50 With The Member Referral Program
Added on October 12, 2023 by Amanda Duncan to Chamber Voices

Earn $50 With The Member Referral Program

This is your opportunity to earn at least $50 with the Member Referral Program! This member-exclusive program rewards you for telling others about the Chamber and its many benefits. By referring your friends, connections and/or colleagues to the chamber, it helps our organization grow and better support the business community. By advocating on behalf of the Chamber you are helping promote business growth here in the Hampton Roads area. An increased membership base only helps to strengthen the Chamber’s voice advocating on issues of importance, enhances services for our members, and provides more business connections. An increasingly diverse membership base provides connections amongst many different industries creating a well-rounded business community.

We know you want to know more! A few of our most common questions include:

What do I have to do? What does the referral program look like?

It is just as easy as reaching out to businesses, vendors, or friends who could benefit from a Chamber membership and telling them about the Chamber. After that, submit your online referrals through the Member Referral Form. One of our membership account representatives will reach out to the referred business to share the many chamber benefits and options for membership. If the business you refer joins within 90 days of receiving the referral form and they pay for a full year of membership dues (our most common payment method), you will receive the $50 voucher. Do you want to hear the best news? There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make! If you refer 4 new members and they join the Chamber then that is $200 in vouchers for your business to spend on various Chamber services.


How can I redeem my vouchers? What are they good for?

Vouchers can be used towards registration fees for our Signature Events, sponsorships, and advertising opportunities or even applied towards your membership dues. Vouchers expire six months from the date issued, so make sure you take advantage of the many great ways to use them!


I am ready to refer! Where do I start?

Participate in our Member Referral Program today by clicking here for more information and to see additional terms and conditions. To learn about the many other exclusive member benefits we offer, visit us at: www.hrchamber.com.