Kansas City Regional Visit Takeaways


Kansas City Regional Visit Takeaways
Added on May 8, 2023 to Chamber Voices

Kansas City Regional Visit Takeaways

Recently, our Hampton Roads Chamber President & CEO, Bryan K. Stephens, joined ChamberRVA for their Regional Visit, or Leadership Exchange as we call it here, to Kansas City!

Bryan greatly enjoyed his regional visit learning from city leaders on what Kansas City is doing well and how it can apply to our region as well.

Here are the takeaways from Bryan’s Regional Visit with ChamberRVA:

  1. Collaboration is the “secret sauce”, and it must be a formal process.
  2. Organized, formal collaboration aligns efforts resulting in amplified and accelerated results.
  3. It’s easy to become complacent: we’re good enough. You must stay competitive.
  4. Be aggressive. Always punch above your weight-class.
  5. “Livability” is the new buzz. All new development must consider it.
  6. You must be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Do the routine things routinely and be big and bold with new initiatives.
  7. You must have strategic thinkers and enthusiastic, energetic doers.
  8. From a business attraction perspective KC promotes, “If you come to KC you get the support and collaboration of all of us!” The entire region is going to come together to support you and ensure you are a success.
  9. The KC economic development community is solely focused on business attraction. They promote and sell the region and coordinate incentives to attract business to the region.  In KC 85-90% of business growth comes from existing business expansion.  The region’s chambers are the lead in this space; helping businesses succeed.
  10. KC has developed a “OneKC” campaign to promote the region and drive regional pride.
  11. The “KC Heart” is their regional brand and logo. Every region should have a specific brand and logo.
  12. Be intentional about place-making. Brand and market what you have.
  13. You should have “cheerleaders” for your region from all industry and demographical sectors. Regional pride is essential!
  14. The “Great Jobs KC” program connects job seekers, training and education providers, and employers.
  15. KC has created a “CEO Challenge” on workforce diversity. All their top CEOs have agreed to a specific workforce mix in the next 5 years. This commitment to diversity has helped with business attraction.
  16. Celebrate: Your wins but know there is much left to do. Be proud but never satisfied.
  17. Advocate: For what you want to improve in the region.
  18. Activate: Take action for positive change.

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