Your Company Should Invest in Member Message Advertising


Your Company Should Invest in Member Message Advertising
Added on August 15, 2023 by Amanda Duncan to Chamber Voices

Your Company Should Invest in Member Message Advertising

There are many reasons why your company should invest in Member Message Advertising with the Hampton Roads Chamber! These email blasts are a great way to share your business with the Hampton Roads business community. Member Messages are emails sent to over 7,000 business leaders, members and community supporters and can be used to share all types of business news. Did your company win an award? Do you have an upcoming sale? Are new products or programs about to be launched?  You craft the content and we send it out on your behalf to our large business community.

You might be wondering, how do Member Messages work? Three weeks before your reserved date, you will provide the Marketing and Communications team with your desired content which includes a graphic (image) and link. The team will create an email draft and send it to you for approval. Once approved, your email will be sent out on its designated date, filling inboxes with your company’s promotion or recent accomplishment. It is just that easy to share your company’s news with our Hampton Roads business community!

With 2023 Member Messages sold out (they are very popular), we are preparing to open sales for 2024. Mark your calendars for September 5, when Quarter 1 of 2024 (January-March) sales open. Member Messages are first come first served and are limited to one per business per quarter.

Reservations will be taken through our online sales database and require same-day payment. Make sure you can sign into your Member Login to ensure technical issues do not hold you back from securing your top choice of dates. If you have difficulties logging in, please contact your Membership Representative for assistance.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact Lauren Roberts Carter, VP of Marketing and Communications, for additional information.