Benefits of Using Canva for Your Business


Benefits of Using Canva for Your Business
Added on June 16, 2023 to Chamber Voices

Benefits of Using Canva for Your Business

There are many benefits of using Canva for your business. Not only does Canva have a free version with great features, but also a budget-friendly paid option that offers brand kit capability, premium graphics and templates, and much more. This online content creation platform is easy to use and allows creativesto produce professional-level projects no matter their skill level

Here are just a few examples of ways that you can use Canva for your business.

Customizable Templates

Whatever you are working on, Canva probably has a template for it. Are you creating social media content for your business channels? Canva has decorative and basic templates that allow you to produce content that is sized specifically for each social media platform.  Aside from social media templates, Canva has templates for calendars, flyers, presentations, newsletters, business cards and many more.

Photos, Videos, and Graphics

Do you lose sleep thinking about content that you need to create? You may even have a folder full of materials to incorporate into your project saved on your computer. Or you may be like many that just need a little help. Either way, Canva has many royalty-free photos, videos, and graphics included in the free version that will help you create a well-rounded finished product. The paid version has what seems like a limitless amount of options to choose from as well.

Hack File Formats

Want to create a PDF without worrying about the difficulty or cost of this software? Canva has the added benefit of allowing you to save a file in many different formats. This helpful hack allows you to produce an eye-catching flyer saved as PDF Standard or PDF Print without the high price tag or time-consuming learning process. This feature also applies to creating PNG, JPEG, and SVG files. The next time you need a specific type of file, Canva is your one stop shop!

These are just a few benefits of using Canva for your business. Be sure to check out our blog for other business resources and the Hampton Roads Chamber website for a vast selection of business programs and events.