Learn from Local Business Experts


Learn from Local Business Experts
Added on June 28, 2023 to Chamber Voices

Learn from Local Business Experts

Do you enjoy learning from local business experts? If so, we have the perfect series for you. The Chamber Education Series provides the unique opportunity to learn from local experts about topics that will help your business thrive. Not only do these monthly events provide Chamber members with great takeaways, but also with a way to meet new business professionals right here in Hampton Roads.

Our Chamber Education Series presenters come from many different fields providing members with a well-rounded field of knowledge.  From learning how to network efficiently to hearing best practices for employee retention, there is always something to learn at our Chamber Education Series events.

A few of our recent events included:

Learning about LinkedIn with Susan Long-Molnar

Susan used her skills as an industry-leading consultant, strategist, trainer, and presenter in communications and marketing to provide our members with information on how to transform their LinkedIn profiles. As a LinkedIn expert, Susan shared that micro-targeting and content management were keys to gaining ROI from LinkedIn. During this hands-on session, attendees had the opportunity to assess their profiles and make changes right on the spot. Best part was, they had a lot of fun while doing it!

Employee Retention Tax Credit with Dick Olenych

Following his successful years as the National Marketing Director for a multi-billion corporation, Dick shared how the Employee Retention Tax Credit can be beneficial to your business. These tips and tricks shared straight from the expert allowed our members one-on-one time with Dick to answer specific questions tailored to their industry type. In a time when there is a lot of information out on a subject such as the ERC, we were happy to be able to provide members with the ability to hear from a trusted expert.

Branding Your Business Through Your Own Book with Debbie Burke

As an award-winning editor with roots in publishing and journalism, Debbie has the expertise to help you achieve your dream of being a self-published author. Debbie shared specifics that only an industry insider would know. She taught our members self-publishing best practices that will help bring them closer to their dream of being  published authors.

Increase Employee Retention and Innovation Within Your Company with William “Woody” Prettyman

Studio Center CEO, Woody Prettyman, shared the importance of investing in your employees. Woody shared the practices that he implements and how increasing employee retention and innovation within your company saves both time and money. Woody shared that it is much more than incentives that increase productivity and employee happiness.  This wealth of information was incredibly beneficial for all in attendance and they left with tangible takeaways that they could start applying the next day.

Are you a local business expert who wants to share your knowledge with Hampton Roads Chamber members?
Please reach out to Lianna Arbitter, Manager of Programs and Development, for more information and to hear about the availability for 2024.

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