5 Tips for Starting a Podcast


5 Tips for Starting a Podcast
Added on February 6, 2024 to Chamber Voices

5 Tips for Starting a Podcast

Have you always wanted to start a podcast but are not sure where to begin? Do you want to share your knowledge with others but are intimidated by there being so much information out there about podcasts that is overwhelming? If so, here are 5 quick and easy tips to get you started because we all know, starting is the hardest part.


  1. Find your “why”

The first question to ask yourself is “why do I want to start a podcast?” Do you want to share industry-specific tips? Do you want to share the products and services your business offers? Do you want to interview other business professionals?  When you find your why, you will find the purpose behind your podcast which is your starting point


  1. Plan out your content

Take a few minutes to sit down and plan what you would like to share or discuss. If your podcast is going to be on your top 5 services, then take a few moments and write those services down and how they are beneficial to your target audience. This will help improve the flow of your episodes. Do you plan to have guests on your podcast? If so, make sure you provide them with the questions you plan to ask before recording so that they can properly prepare. The more you plan out your content, the better it will be.


  1. Don’t let technology get in the way

Podcasting can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. When it comes down to it, all you need is a quiet room, a laptop, an audio interface, a microphone (or two) with a stand, and editing software. All of this equipment can even be found on Amazon for under $300.


  1. Record regularly

Don’t leave your listeners hanging, make sure to record regularly and stick to a consistent schedule. For example, for the Hampton Roads Chamber Podcast, we upload a new podcast every week to make sure our listeners have a new episode to listen to on their morning walk or commute. Consistency is key to growing your listener base.


  1. Promote your podcast

Once your podcast is live, you can share it on all of your platforms. Make sure to share your latest episodes on social media and have them linked on your website. Do you have a newsletter? If so, make sure to share your podcast on that as well. The more you share, the more your audience will listen!


Are you a podcaster and would like to share your tips for starting a podcast? Click here to share your tips with the Hampton Roads Chamber.


Stay tuned for the second part of this blog series where we share how and where to buy affordable podcasting equipment.