Catch Up on Our Podcast!


Catch Up on Our Podcast!
Added on June 9, 2023 to Chamber Voices

Catch Up on Our Podcast!

Have you missed a few episodes of the Hampton Roads Chamber Podcast? It is okay, we can catch you up on the podcast now! Listen to local experts share their tips and tricks as well as other information about their business or nonprofit. Our “Ask the Expert” series is a must-listen for a relaxing beach day or workday commute! Each episode is only ten minutes long, so why not listen to a few? Let our podcast be your reason to take a break and learn about businesses here in Hampton Roads.

Our experts come from a variety of fields such as marketing, cybersecurity, maritime, financial and business management, senior services, the non-profit world, and many more. Each are experts in their field sharing insider tips, the services they offer, and how you can learn more about their business or get involved in the cause!

A few recent episodes include:

Roland Davis of Davis Business Appraisers. Roland shares the importance of business appraisals and the many reasons why you should know the worth of your company.

Michael Rooks & Abby Smith from Primm Advertising. Abby and Michael teach us the ins and outs of digital marketing and the importance of working with a full-service marketing agency.

Joe Friszolowski & Courtney Spears of Mercy Drops Dream Center. Joe and Courtney share the importance of meeting immediate physical needs in Hampton Roads and the ways we can get involved.

Gregg Kruer & Taylor Rosebrough from Prism Maritime, LLC. Gregg and Taylor tell us about all that Prism Maritime, LLC brings to the table – from production and technology integration to on-site trade school programs, they have it all.

Greg Tomchick & Jeff White of Valor Cybersecurity. Greg and Jeff share the importance of being up to date with your cybersecurity needs and also share their startup story that will for sure inspire listeners.

Make sure you catch up on our podcast today!