Podcasting Equipment Under $300


Podcasting Equipment Under $300
Added on February 13, 2024 to Chamber Voices

Podcasting Equipment Under $300

Now that you have read our blog post on 5 Tips for Starting a Podcast, learn how and where to find affordable podcasting equipment for under $300.

Here are a few affordable and easy-to-use items from Amazon to start your podcast!

USB audio interface

Arguably, this is the most important piece of equipment for your podcast. You don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money to produce a podcast when there is a great option right around $100 that you can find on Amazon. The PreSonus AudioBox 96 is a great USB audio interface that is compatible for both PC and Apple devices. This interface not only has mixer controls but also two microphone inputs to allow for a host/guest podcast experience. This interface allows you to keep it simple yet produce high-quality podcasts.


Editing and recording software

When starting to edit a podcast, simple is best! There are many paid audio editing options out there and some free options that may come with your PC. Our pro tip is to utilize the editing and recording software that comes with your audio interface. If you decide to purchase a PreSonus AudioBox, check to see if you have free access to StudioOne software. This user-friendly software allows us to cut clips, insert independent sound clips, save them as an MP3 file, and much more.

Grab a Microphone (or two)

You can’t record without a microphone! For the Hampton Roads Chamber Podcast, we use Amazon Basics Dynamic Vocal Microphones and Amazon Basics XLR Microphone Cables. Another important aspect is having comfortable microphone stands. The BILIONE 3 in 1 Multi-function Desktop Microphone Stand will allow you to adjust your microphone height and angle and ensure a comfortable recording session.  Once again, nothing fancy is needed here-just quality microphones that will do their job making you and your podcast guests sound great.


Are you a podcaster and would like to share your podcasting hacks? Click here to share your tips with the Hampton Roads Chamber.