The Importance of Brand Authenticity


The Importance of Brand Authenticity
Added on January 24, 2024 to Chamber Voices

The Importance of Brand Authenticity

Being authentic in your marketing strategy can be as simple as sharing your business’s story. By sharing your why with customers both in person and through your marketing plan, customers will see your brand as you do and not just as another company selling a particular item or service. This genuine tactic of increasing your brand authenticity can fuel both brand awareness and customer retention because your customers now feel a deeper connection to your business. There is a true impact of brand authenticity which does not mean being perfect rather it is about representing your company in the most honest and real way.

Any company can have top-tier graphics and the perfect social media caption, but all of that glitz can mean if your customers do not feel good about their purchases. Your customers want to know that your business understands their needs and interests. This then sets you apart from other businesses in your industry that are not taking this approach. Authenticity creates a level of trust that can convert one-time buyers into long-term customers, vastly improving conversions and increasing sales.

Now that you know the “why” behind the importance of brand authenticity, it is time to put it into action!

Do you have a family business? If so, you can show your authenticity by sharing your family’s story and how your company came to be through a social media campaign. Seeing the people behind the business really helps to build that trust.

Do you work in retail? Show your client base different ways to style clothing aside from the way it was displayed when you purchased it at market. Create product demos or share information about the services you offer yourself. You can even utilize Canva or other creation platforms to craft authentic social media campaigns for your business.

Another great way to show brand authenticity no matter your industry is by creating a customer newsletter and social media content that truly shows your brand.  Don’t forget that real people want to see real people!