Why tHRive Is Important to Join as a Young Professional


Why tHRive Is Important to Join as a Young Professional
Added on August 2, 2023 to Chamber Voices

Why tHRive Is Important to Join as a Young Professional

Written By Abby Smith, Chair of Branding for tHRive

As a young professional, we are inundated with tips, articles, and webinars about how to maximize the early years of our careers. With topics that range from “how to develop leadership skills and stand out” or “workplace etiquette in the modern office,” one big part of career development is networking. Finding one that checks all of the boxes is quite the tall order. But that’s what I think makes tHRive stand out from other networking groups.

As the signature young professionals’ group of the Hampton Roads Chamber, tHRive is completely free, yes really! While most groups have a membership fee whether it be annual or monthly, tHRive is free to join. Some of the events will have a ticket cost associated, but most range from $10-$30.

Here are some of my favorite aspects of tHRive and why I think all Hampton Roads area young professionals should join:

  1. Professional Development Opportunities: tHRive hosts several events throughout the year with some on a recurring monthly basis. The Member Meetups and Happy Hours are routine events that one can expect on a near monthly basis. These are more casual and are a great first event for someone considering joining tHRive. Additionally, there are more signature events that take place such as the Table for Ten, our Local Looks, and the Impact Talks. Each of these are unique and give young professionals access to local leaders, behind the scenes looks at area attractions, or the ability to learn from a dynamic panel of speakers.
  2. Genuine Connections: My personal journey with tHRive was motivated by being new to the area and wanting to build my network but also make friends! As I started attending different coffee meetups and happy hours, I quickly realized that my motivation for being part of tHRive was a similar motivation for so many others. Each time we host an event, it draws a diverse group of attendees and everyone is friendly and welcoming to new and returning faces.
  3. Make A Difference Through Volunteering: One core aspect of tHRive is volunteerism. We choose an Organization of the Year to support for a two year term and focus on outreach, awareness, and fundraising for this organization. Past organizations have included Samaritan House and most recently REACH (Reading Enriches All Children) who focus on access to books and children’s literacy. tHRive organizes fundraising events and volunteer opportunities to support the Organization of the Year and it’s a fantastic way to encourage prospective tHRivers to come volunteer and learn more about what tHRive has to offer.

There are several benefits beyond these three reasons to join tHRive, but that’s where I encourage you to attend some events and define those benefits for yourself!

If you’d like to join, you can sign up right here on ypthrive.org and be sure to follow us on all social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.