Regional Organizations Presidents’ Council


Regional Organizations Presidents’ Council
Added on July 21, 2023 to Chamber News

Regional Organizations Presidents’ Council

Made up of a group of non-profit CEOs, the Regional Organizations Presidents’ Council (ROPC) is committed to promoting regional economic growth and success throughout Hampton Roads. These CEOs collaborate to address and drive specific issues that impact the economic success of our region. The Council works closely with the Hampton Roads Executive Roundtable to increase Hampton Roads’ economic wealth, growth, and competitiveness. The Regional Organizations Presidents’ Council not only advocates on behalf of the Hampton Roads region, but it also serves as the Megaregional Institutional Council (MIC) for RVA757 Connects.

With the sole purpose of benefiting the Hampton Roads region, this council is not affiliated with any other organization and does not promote the specific interests of any particular group. When meeting quarterly, the Regional Organizations Presidents’ Council focuses on issues related to regional economic growth with an emphasis on collaboration and cooperation among its members. Each meeting agenda is determined by the Council’s membership organizations with input from co-conveners, and the Hampton Roads Executive Roundtable. These efforts ensure the Council is held accountable and operates in a transparent manner to greater advance the economic well-being of the Hampton Roads Region.

Founding membership organizations consist of the following:

The Hampton Roads Chamber (Co-convener)
The Virginia Peninsula Chamber (Co-convener)
The Hampton Roads Workforce Council
The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
The Hampton Roads Alliance
The Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance
Hampton Roads Executive Roundtable
The Hampton Roads Urban League
The CIVIC Leadership Institute
757 Collab