Teaching Kitchen Opens Spring 2024 in Hampton Roads!


Teaching Kitchen Opens Spring 2024 in Hampton Roads!
Added on February 26, 2024 by Laurie Nederveen to Member News

Teaching Kitchen Opens Spring 2024 in Hampton Roads!

Easterseals UCP NC/VA Culinary Arts & Wellness Program

Feb 26, 2024 – Easterseals UCP NC & VA is excited to announce the opening of our “Culinary Connections” department in Virginia Beach. With a brand-new flagship teaching kitchen located at 3509 Virginia Beach Boulevard, this program provides culinary therapy and skill education to individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges.

Statistically, individuals with disabilities are more prone to diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Additionally, they are more likely rely on others for access to food and preparation. We can address the root cause of these issues un our kitchen! By providing individualized education and support, we hope to increase participants’ independence and overall wellness.

Additionally, we are thrilled to bring “culinary therapy” to the Hampton Roads area. This alternative to traditional talk therapy welcomes participants to the kitchen, a familiar environment, and focuses on food – the universal language. A mental health professional and culinary expert lead the class through recipe creations while incorporating coping skills and techniques. We are excited about how this form of therapy can benefit our community!

In order to continually provide exceptional services, Easterseals is seeking experienced culinary professionals to join their efforts. By inviting the restaurant industry into our program, we hope to develop mutually beneficial relationships. We envision chefs contributing their creative ideas, recipes and expertise while learning the beauty of a healthy and inclusive food community. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a home taught baker, we welcome you in our kitchen to experience the life-changing work we’re doing in Hampton Roads.

• To volunteer, click HERE: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=LsZxQlqS1UeKkSYLuekOScR4sCyHMiZEshegVfkosKJUN0FZQ1RaS1o5VjNGVUVLWFpYNVVLVTlGUy4u

• Links for more info: https://linktr.ee/culinaryconnections

• Questions? Comments? Email us at: laurie.nederveen@eastersealsucp.com