The Benefits of Insurance-Free Direct Primary Care


The Benefits of Insurance-Free Direct Primary Care
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The Benefits of Insurance-Free Direct Primary Care

Small Businesses Grapple with Soaring Insurance-Based Healthcare Costs

Over the past several decades we have seen a steady increase in the cost of healthcare, a trend that has become more drastic in recent years. This upward trajectory in medical expenses is only projected to get worse. At Care Hop Health, we have been watching this pattern and decided that someone needs to change the model to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Having worked within standard medical models, the team at Care Hop Health came to the conclusion that one of the primary contributing factors to medical costs is the role insurance companies play. From 2002 to 2022 the average total single premium per enrolled employee at private-sector establishments grew from a little over $3,000 to over $7,500.

Source: MEPS

While insurance is important in case of emergencies, it shouldn’t be the go-to solution for more common medical needs. That’s why we’re leading the charge for an alternative to insurance-based care.

Enter our Direct Primary Care program 

Care Hop was founded by a group of Health Care Providers who became disillusioned with the system and its focus on profit for the insurance companies over the health care needs of patients. That’s why at Care Hop we’re leading the way for the growing number of Providers in the U.S. opting for a Direct Primary Care or DPC model over traditional insurance-based model. Insurance should exist as a fail-safe for emergency situations. Insurance-based care is full of roadblocks to deter patients from getting health care, including copays, high deductibles, co-insurance and surprise bills. Instead, Care Hop Health puts the patient back at the center so that your needs are priority number one because we work with you and remove the intermediary from the relationship that determines the best options and treatments for the patient.

What is DPC?

Within DPC medical practices, the patient pays a flat monthly rate and in return, they receive unlimited care from their Health Care Provider without any surprise bills or added fees. Because the direct pay providers aren’t beholden to insurance company oversight, they are able to treat patients with well-being in mind. DPC medical doesn’t just mean more affordable care, but better access to care. You are the Direct Primary Care provider’s priority, and that means you get same-day access to care. Along with this access comes more face-to-face time with your provider, which means we get to know you and your needs better. Because insurance companies aren’t taking their cut, individuals and businesses can save thousands of dollars per year on care.

According to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the annual cost of family and individual health insurance increased by 47% and 43% respectively from 2013 to 2023. Care Hop is here to create an affordable alternative to the insurance model, one that puts patient care back at the center.


Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Time for a change

Because the insurance model is the only one we’ve known, we accept it as the only option. We believe that DPC offers an alternative, one that is needed to fix healthcare. This new choice is founded on the relationship between a patient and a provider without a third-party business in the middle, looking to make your Health Care decisions and benefit financially. Even as a relatively new style of care, we believe that DPC has the best chance of giving people options for affordable healthcare, which is why we are driving this movement early to help build it from the ground up. Within the Mid-Atlantic region, Virginia has the second-highest average deductibles for both individuals and families. So what better place to plant our flag in the DPC movement than right at home? While we are launching our first clinic in the area covering Virginia Beach and Norfolk, we are hopeful that the seeds we plant today will flourish into a new world for healthcare that forever improves access and affordability for generations to come.

Location Average Family Deductible Average Single Deductible
1. West Virginia $4,095 $2,165
2Virginia $3,852 $2,082
3. New Jersey $3,776 $1,865
4. New York $3,535 $1,840
5. Delaware $3,398 $2,053
6. Maryland $3,382 $1,714
7. Pennsylvania $3,301 $1,814
8. District of Columbia $3,009 $1,343

Source: KFF

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